Wooden Cutlery Manufacturer

GF-1, Sai Kirti-II, 10, Punitnagar Soc., Malhar Point, Old Padra Road, Vadodara-390007

Listing Description

Wooden Cutlery Manufacturer,  “Anant International Inc.” is engaged in trading of an excellent quality range of Wooden Cutlery Manufacturer – Kitchen Cutlery organizer in Vadodara.

Wooden cutlery feature: Natural wood is selected, no additives, safe and environmentally friendly. The wooden knives and forks are durable, beautiful and exquisite, with a natural atmosphere.


  • Eco-friendly
  • No bleaches or dyes
  • Biodegrades in 4-6 months
    Are there any coatings or chemicals on the cutlery?
    No, just birch wood, nothing else, we do not want to slow down the decomposing process by adding a coating

    Gorgeously organic, this exquisite dinnerware sets feature beautiful Wooden Cutlery Manufacturer by us.

    With our naturally beautiful Wooden Party Utensils. we give you the convenience of disposable cutlery but in a stylish, eco-friendly design that enhances the look of any table. Each piece is made of birch wood, so it’s strong enough for family get-togethers, holiday picnics, kids’ parties, showers, receptions, company luncheons – whatever special occasion you’re commemorating.

  • Made of eco-friendly, compostable wood.

Wood is produced from the plants of gymnosperms and angiosperms and is rich in biodiversity. Tree growth is a complex and co-scientific biochemical process that uses light energy to develop itself into a large organism using carbon dioxide, water and minerals. Wood is the main product of vegetative growth of trees. The formation of wood is a process of absorbing carbon dioxide, carbon sequestration and releasing oxygen, which is conducive to improving the ecological environment.

Products We Are Dealing In :
1. All kind of Bathroom Accessories. like robe hook, towel rod, toothbrush holders, Designer Mirror Cabinets etc.
2. Commercial purpose Accessories. Like Dryers, Liquid Soap dispenser, Automatic Sensor Urinals and Faucets, Room Fresheners.
3. Modular Kitchen Accessories. Like Tandem box, Cutlery, Swing Corner, Pull out, plate and thali stands, lift-ups etc.
4. Signs and Symbols for Office, Hotels, industries and Other commercial purpose buildings.
5. Superior Quality Drainage solution.


Anant International Inc.
  • GF-1, Sai Kirti-II, 10, Punitnagar Soc., Malhar Point, Old Padra Road, Vadodara-390007
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